Have you ever seen

and old mother hen cover her chicks with her wings

when the hawk flies down to hurt them?

 Under their mother´s wing those chicks are safe.

   Do you know that, if you trust God,

 God will hide you from harm,

 and the old mean devil,  

can not touch you?





My Daddy


I love my daddy very much

he is so good to me

there is no one else

in all the world

as wonderful as he











 The Guardian Angel (2°)                    Student´s Promise (2°)               

Angel of God                                                 We Panamanian students                      

My Guardian dere,                                         commit ourselves                                 

to whom his love                                            to study, be truthful and honest            

commits me here                                          only education can transform                

ever this day,                                                 our country.                                             

be at my side                                                                                                                  

to light and guard                                                                                                           .

to rule and guide